Our job is to secure and protect  and grow the business of our customers’ business , as well as we are committed to find new partners and new investors for our clients.

From the beginning, Trade Romania was guided by the core values ​​that were shaped by the culture and character of the company. At the heart of the corporate culture is our focus on improving our customer results in order to offer our customers optimal solutions and a full and honest attitude when building business relationships.


 Our framework is based on integrity, honesty and accountability, which serves as the foundation for the company’s operations and influences all decisions.

We continuously strive for our  value  through our culture, decision making and performance.

We have the drive and dedication , to continuously improve and to work hard while we maintain a can-do attitude.

We are a team that communicates clearly, recognizes contributions and has fun in order to create a good working environment and achieve a common goal.


 Why we are different

We strive for change from scratch.

As business consulting experts, we offer information, analyzes and recommendations on best practices in order to create added value and to improve our clients’ projects and their results.

Simplify the complex

We support our customers in solving complex problems. But the way we evaluate and communicate our results sets us apart from our competition.

Our goal is to provide our customers with our knowledge and experience, resulting in high quality services that help determine and make the most profitable decisions.

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